Cerulean Canvas

This CD is a departure from Sherman's earlier projects. In addition to being the sixth release for his Black Warrior Records label, it's his first leading a working quintet, Momentum. Sherman is also a member ofthe Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. It is there that he honed his arranging skills and has brought those skills to bear on this marvelous CD. As with most works of art, Sherman approached this project with a blank canvas, except he knew he wanted it to express the feeling of the Blues and the power of Swing. His work features a front line of alto sax/trombone, something rarely seen in jazz. This combination is a refreshing treat to ears of veteran and new listeners alike. Wynton Marsalis lends his genius to the proceedings, as a special guest, and adds to the finishing touch.

1 Racine 9:33
2 Blues for Poppa Reed 6:28
3 From Day to Day 9:29
4 Willie's Beat, AKA the Sweet Science 7:43
5 Contemplation 7:25
6 Smile Please 6:32
7 Blue Twirl: A Portrait of Sam Gilliam 9:28
8 John Bishop Blues 9:08
9 Sweet Georgia Brown 2:41
10 Sybad 7:46

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